Cole Haan

I worked with Robert Valentine to create a new narrative that would be a metaphor for the brand’s most compelling attributes.

The goal is to create desire for everything the brand represents: starting with the product and spilling over into the people who wear it, how they wear it, the places they inhabit, the lives they lead. More than the thing itself, we covet its association with the ineffable, the elusive, the all-but-unattainable. By weaving a visually and viscerally engaging narrative from the ideas of luxurious style, ingenious craft and iconic individuality, we establish a distinctive point of view, a sense of discovery and an emotional connection that transcends any single product.

Imagine this:
A man and woman, a couple, walk down the street, their backs to us. He is strong, masculine; she is his delicate counterpoint. Her head leans against him, his arm wraps around her waist. Draped over his shoulder is a handbag, her handbag, carried for her in a gesture that is both gallant and supremely confident. Together, they are tough and tender, rugged and refined, male and female: a study in contrasts, beautifully balanced, poignant.