Saks Fifth Avenue

This promotion for Saks' best customers (the SaksFirst group) was a whimsical showcase for the store’s extensive selection of designer shoes and handbags.

Project Text
Ruby was a fiery creature whose passion for high drama extended deep into her wardrobe.

Claudia marched toward the future, always armed with exactly what she needed to get there before the rest.

Fern was not the sentimental type, but every season her love of style grew recklessly.

Always prone to flights of fancy, Veronique made sure hers could easily accommodate lipstick, keys, PDA and mad money.

Despite her preference for vertiginous footwear, Veronica navigated life’s obstacles with nary a misstep.

It’s a jungle out there, so Natalie did her utmost to stand out from the pack.

Partners in business and in crime, Cosima and Carla preferred walking on the wild side.

Pru needed shoes that could stand up to her polka-dot blouse and her checkered past.

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