In creating the voice for this brand, I was given a very long leash by Corky Tyler, a legendary merchant. The award-winning catalogs, combining wonderful merchandise and brilliant art direction and design, are some of my all-time favorite projects.

Project Text

Feast your eyes
It’s all in the presentation. The wisdom of the maxim has never been more apparent. Mundane morsels are rendered sublime by the sheer artistry that surrounds them. Black lacquer bento box with removable dividers…

Walk softly
And carry a big, thick blanket straight to the couch. It’s snowing out and nothing is more appealing than a fire, a cup of cheer and a good book. (Unless it’s a long nap.) On occasions this chilly, toes should never see the light of day. Like bears and other intelligent beings, they must hibernate for the duration. Warm wool slippers, hand loomed in italy, have padded suede soles. They come with their own cotton travel pouch. (Not that you’re leaving the house.) Houndstooth or textured stripe, $145.

Who are you?
And why are you still asking yourself that question after all these years? Define yourself and start with a fragrance that can express you once and for all. Develop a signature and keep it. Create your own style and embody it. “T” is the takashimaya fragrance, redolent of jasmine, muguet, orange flowers, tea and cedarwood, with accents of amber, sandalwood and patchouli…

Clink, clink
Is an unmistakable sound. In a room reverberating with voices, laughter and music, the delicate clashing of crystal against crystal is as recognizable as the lure of diamonds, the scent of caviar. Understated yet incredibly powerful. Japanese handcut crystal tumblers and old-fashioneds in four refined deco-inspired patterns…

Dinner at eight
And you arrive and greet your friends and you kiss an old flame and you have a glass of wine and you walk out onto the terrace and inhale the early evening air and you laugh at a strange tale and you sit down to dinner and inhale a thick chop and more wine and you wipe your mouth, deeply satisfied. Italian linen napkins with hemstitched edges…

A garden is a wild thing
And you are its tamer. Keep it on a short leash, pruned to perfection, or let it roam free. It is a temple of green, a microcosm of the world and of your psyche.