Park Hyatt

This introduction set up a beautifully photographed tour of the glorious Park Hyatt, a hotel whose Paris location is an important part of its allure.

Project Text
Despite its mysterious air, Paris is eminently accessible. Approach from any side through one of the grand train stations or arrive hermetically sealed through the Chunnel—the city entices with its luminous splendor. From the vast catacombs of Montparnasse to the triumphal Napoleonic arches, around every corner is a vibrant testament to Paris’ age-old stature as a cultural, intellectual and political epicenter. Parisians, widely renowned for such diverse qualities as inimitable glamour and fiery rebellion, flow through the city with the same proprietary presence as the Seine. In the heart of the stately Right Bank, on the Place Vendôme, a special sanctuary awaits. Capturing the very essence of Paris, it offers an experience more rich, heady and satisfying than the very best Bordeaux.

And so I am an American and I have lived half my life in Paris, not the half that made me but the half in which I made what I made.
—Gertrude Stein, 1936

Paris 1