This storybook concept was created to highlight the wonders and delights of the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris.

Project Text

IL ÉTAIT UNE FOIS: Tales of the Crillon
One cold December day, not so very long ago, Madame P. arrived to spend the Christmas holidays at the Crillon. She brought with her 7 suitcases, 5 trunks, 4 rare orchid plants, 3 boisterous sons, a pair of toy poodles and her little daughter, Mademoiselle P. (“Please call me Lulu!”) The only thing Lulu brought with her was a terrible case of the sniffles. After a day or so, this blossomed into a full-fledged flu and Lulu was confined to bed. Naturally, the hotel staff brought her fresh flowers and tea with honey and chicken consommé and a hot water bottle and cool cloths for her head but nevertheless Lulu could not join her brothers to peer into the beautifully decorated shop windows along the avenue nor sit in Pere Noel’s lap nor eat gobs of salted caramel macaroons at Ladurée. She tried her best to rest and be cheerful but she could not hide her sad eyes and every now and then a big tear spilled over onto her fluffy white mohair blanket. The staff—especially Marianne the chambermaid—were beside themselves and determined to find a way to bring Christmas cheer to chere Lulu. And so a plan was hatched that required some behind-the-scenes scheming, a lot of teamwork, a bit of driving, a great deal of decorating and even more whispering and secret goings-on than usual at the Crillon. That was how, the following morning, Lulu awoke to a room utterly transformed by a magnificent 8-ft tall Christmas tree, dripping with tinsel and flocked velvet angels and all manner of special holiday treats. At first speechless, Lulu was ultimately able to pronounce it “Absolutely magical!” and that’s how the Crillon saved Christmas.