This presentation sought to reimagine all the elements of this garden and home store, and to conceive of new ways to extend its categories beyond the expected.

Project Text

The ultimate garden of earthly delights. A fertile ground representing an extraordinary opportunity to branch out. To evolve in new directions, from root systems to treetops and beyond. To introduce a wonderful new/old way of living that brings the outdoors in (and vice versa).

LIVING indoor + outdoor
Parallel worlds, overlapping and informing each other: the garden comes inside and all the comforts of home spill over the threshold. The unifying theme is beauty and a highly proprietary sensibility that is eclectic, whimsical and sophisticated.

Plants and the seeds they sprout from and the soil (or pots) they grow in and the tools to tend them and the means to nourish them and the structures they cling to and the knowledge to make them flourish: our vision defines every detail so our gardens are a living expression of our character.

The seasons define nature and the garden and the weather and thus our lives. Each one brings with it special occasions and their rituals and trappings; opportunities to transform
spaces both indoors and out.

By launching initiatives to educate and enhance the community, we can increase both our draw and our impact. Outreach might include supporting local producers and purveyors; contributing to urban garden cooperatives and related school projects; and offering compelling lectures, workshops and classes.

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